Spiritual fulfillment is knowing who your soul is and what you are here to do in your journey ahead in Earth school. This is what you are wanting to attain here or your destiny in this lifetime. Another way to think of this is it is your contract that you signed up for before you came to Earth School. When we are “spiritually fulfilled” it means that nothing can stop us. There are no obstacles that can detour you on your path because your soul knows that anything can be attained with the power of thought. You are complete and fulfilled as you venture forth. Spiritual fulfillment is also knowing that you are not alone on your journey too. We have Angels, Guides, Archangels, Loved ones that passed and God/Universe here to help us on the way. Think of them as your teammates cheering you on your path. When we recognize that we are here in Earth school, to learn lessons and experience things, we start to remember that we can have spiritual fulfillment too. We start to remember that contract we signed up for and all the things that we can attain in this level of Earth school, which is spiritual fulfillment.

What Happens if a Person Feels that they Cannot Achieve Spiritual Fulfillment?

This means that they are not connecting back to the Divine to remember their path here. In order to connect, there are a few things that a person can do.

  1. Meditate Taking time to meditate allows the soul to work on connecting back through the crown and brow chakras.
  2. Cleaning the ChakrasSometimes the Crown or Brow chakra are “clogged” and they need to be cleaned. When they are cleaned, then the channels to the Divine open up and the pathways are cleared for information to flow back in.
  3. Working with the Angels/Divine- Many times we forget that we are in Earth school and we forget that we have our “teammates” of the Angels, Divine or others that we can call upon to assist us. By reaching out and asking them to step in on your behalf, which is our “free will” you are making that connection again to work with them. This connection then can help to get you back on track to connect you back spiritually.

Lastly, just by “knowing” that we all can have spiritual fulfillment in our lives, this is the key to receiving what you signed up for on your contract here on Earth school. Everyone can achieve what they are wanting with the power of thought and also with our teammates at our side. When we have spiritual fulfillment, we are not only on track to achieving what we want but also are connecting back to the spiritual realm too. Just knowing this information allows the journey in Earth school easier but is also helps us to remember we are all complete and we can always be spiritually fulfilled too!