Today I wanted to write about our journey in “Earth School.” Huh? What is “Earth school?” I always tell my clients that we come to Earth many times and this is “earth school.” This is like the schooling we have done already in our lives however this is “spiritual” school! We are in different grade levels as we embark on our spiritual journey. Some people are just starting out and others are taking AP classes! I always say I’m taking the AP classes and on my “bonus” round in school! This is why sometimes it seems some people have easy lives and others might be on a harder journey!

Waking Up to Earth School

I tell clients that we start to wake up at some point in our Earth school life. We start to realize or start to search for something. One way this happens is that the Universe wakes us up. I call this the “Spiritual Awakening.” The Universe does this many times by giving us the same numbers over and over. This would be 1111 or 1234 or a sequence of numbers that you continue to see consistently. They are trying to remind us we are in Earth school and that we need to start working on our lessons.

What Do We Learn in Earth School?

Earth school is like normal school, however we are working to learn different lessons each time we come. Some people might need to work on attaining love. Others might need to work on achieving success or maybe letting go of Ego this time in Earth School. Basically we sign up for our classes before we come to Earth. For each grade level we decide what lessons we are working on and as well as who will be working through these lessons with you! Yes this is correct, you pick the people you are learning lessons with in school! Huh? This is why many people say the words “I didn’t sign up for this!” however you actually did!

Lessons to Learn

Since we come to learn lessons in Earth school, sometimes the hardest lessons come from the people we have the most difficulty with! How ironic is this! The biggest lessons actually are the ones that we have struggles with! For me this would be my parents. I struggle with how I grew up with and I have to continue to let this go, as I continue on my spiritual journey. My lesson was to “forgive and not judge” and my blessing was “I learned what NOT to do from my parents.” I always tell clients, no matter what grade level you are in in Earth school, it always boils down to 2 things; loving people and forgiving people! That’s it! I don’t care what other lessons you have in school life, can you love and forgive? If you don’t, you will have to come back and repeat this Earth school lesson! UGH! I tell my clients, it’s NOT worth it, love and forgive because I am not repeating this lesson because of someone else’s stuff! Take a look from a different angle, sometimes this will help to release the emotions that is holding you back from loving or forgiving!

You Write Your Own Script

In Earth school, you do have an outline of the lessons you want to learn, however the filler of the stuff is worked on when you get here. I tell clients it’s like you have a blue print of you house, you have the details of the walls but you don’t know what is inside, like your color of the walls, furniture or rugs! Basically you decide this stuff when you get here. I tell people what you think is what you get! This is writing your own script in school. If you want this certain job, romantic relationship or house then manifest it in your script! Be crystal clear on “How to manifest!” By thinking clearly, you are able to have the things in Earth school that you are wanting and you can bring them in to your reality!

Asking the Angels for Assistance

One of the keys to Earth school is asking the Angels to assist you while you are here. If you don’t talk to your Angels, read this blog “Angels 101.” The Angels are all around us waiting and eager to assist us in Earth School. The biggest thing that people don’t realize is that they have to “ask” for assistance, as they are not allowed to step in because of ourfree will” in Earth school.

You Are Responsible for You!

Just like regular school, it is up to you to work on passing this grade level. You write your own script and it is up to you to pass on the lessons. I want to note we are allowed to use the Angels for assistance, however they are NOT here to do you work, it’s up to YOU to do that! Think of the Angels as your teachers, you don’t ask the teachers to do your assignments, you ask for assistance to get you going and you then start working on the lesson! Also, I want to point out here that you cannot do another person’s lessons either. So maybe you have a spouse that is not trying to work on the marriage, you can work on your part but you cannot do their part. That is a part of their lesson and journey!

Finally, we all come to Earth school to learn different lessons in the grade level that we are in. When we figure out why we are here in Earth school, we can then start to work on the lessons that we signed up for. By knowing this, we can focus in on the lessons but also the blessings associated with them! What grade level do you think you are on? What lessons did you sign up for? What blessings have you already received? Take a look back and start to look back at your Earth school life, you might be surprised on what you have learned!