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Utilizing Saint Joseph


There are A LOT of universal energies moving around right now. To touch on this, I am feeling obliged to write about Saint Joseph. He has an amazing power to help us during our physical

Utilizing Saint Joseph2023-08-05T18:15:35-07:00

Lemons to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Home


My friend told me of a great way to get rid of negativity in your house and it is using a lemon of all things! If you  have been feeling that there is some funk,

Lemons to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Home2020-10-22T11:21:37-07:00

Selling a Home


I have had several clients ask me about how to sell their home or property so I wanted to blog about it today. I think many times we get so caught up in the stress

Selling a Home2018-11-05T17:52:27-08:00

How to Sage Your Home


Have you ever walked into someone’s home and you just feel bad? This energy can feel very stagnant, “heavy” or sometimes may even feel negative. If this sounds like your house, I always recommend to

How to Sage Your Home2018-09-17T03:21:51-07:00


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