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Terri has been a Medium since childhood. As a child, she could see and feel Spirits around her but was not aware of these abilities and negated them. As time went on, Terri became aware of her abilities and heard her Guide Teddy. She started to listen to the inner voice within and developed her Mediumship abilities with teachers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Scotland. This book encompasses Terri’s journey of experiences from a child to adulthood and the pathway of how she was guided to become a professional Medium. Her book highlights heartwarming stories of Spirit working with her on this journey. She also shares wonderful stories of Evidential Mediumship of clients passed Loved One’s who she has read for over the years. Terri’s journey of a Medium has had its twists and turns but ultimately she has embraced who she is and loves to teach others how to listen to their own inner voice too.

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DIY Pendulum and Wheel Chart eBook

Terri guides readers through easily making a pendulum and wheel chart from household items. She also touches on the history of these items, connecting with your Spirit Guides and safely using the Pendulum and Wheel Chart.

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