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Terri has been a Medium since childhood. As a child, she could see and feel Spirits around her but was not aware of these abilities and negated them. As time went on, Terri became aware of her abilities and heard her Guide, Teddy. Pick up the book today and follow the twists and turns of Terri’s journey of Mediumship with heartwarming stories of Spirit guidance and reading anecdotes.

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DIY Pendulum and Wheel Chart eBook

Terri guides readers through easily making a pendulum and wheel chart from household items. She also touches on the history of these items, connecting with your Spirit Guides and safely using the Pendulum and Wheel Chart.

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Candles are $8 each plus shipping.

Read Terri’s blog about candles and color meanings to learn more.  Email us below to place an order.



Bracelets are $15 each plus shipping.

Each Bracelet color represents a different meaning. By wearing a particular color of bracelet, it will help to enhance the intention of that meaning. Email us below to place an order.


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