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Welcome to Chicks With Spiritual Gifts! We are a team of creative, fun loving, intuitive women who have a shared dream of bringing the healing arts and spiritual messages to others in need. We believe everyone has a unique, individual connection to the divine and special gifts of their own to share with others.

It is our personal mission to teach our clients about the lost art of esoteric knowledge and women’s wisdoms so that they can recover their own power, gifts, and wisdom within. Thank you for being on this journey with us, we look forward to working with you!

Guided by the Voice of Spirit: A Journey of a Medium

Terri Tucker has been a Medium since childhood. As a child, she could see and feel Spirits around her but was not aware of these abilities and negated them. As time went on, Terri became aware of her abilities and heard her Guide, Teddy. Pick up the book today and follow the twists and turns of Terri’s journey of Mediumship with heartwarming stories of Spirit guidance and reading anecdotes.

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I have been going to Terri for the last 3 years, either In person or over the phone. I have never experienced such accuracy with any other medium/psychic before. At times she would tell me things that I was confident would not happen and sure enough about 4 to 5 months after the session they would.  I appreciate her way of being honest. I always refer Terri if someone is inquiring about spiritual assistance.

Tosha J. - Tempe, AZ

Terri is absolutely amazing! I have been at a point in my life where certain decisions could have gone either way. Her guidance allowed me to make the decision with confidence and my life has continued to improve with even greater potential for the future.

Ben D. - Scottsdale, AZ

I am soul-thankful for meeting you and experiencing a shared journey with Spirit and my parents. You are a gracious messenger, teacher and healer. I’m certain your talents have helped many move closer to living in harmony of their soul. I reflect upon and integrate the depth of my session and I find more truths. I am soul-grateful.

Shelly M. - Phoenix, AZ

Terri’s intuition and emphatic abilities are the real deal, and I always feel a healing effect coming through when she does a reading for me and focuses on my energy. She has an uplifting spirit that shines through in her readings, and she’s always very encouraging and supportive.

Anna - Zürich, Switzerland
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