What is SRT Energy Cleanings? SRT (Spirit Response Therapy) is a process which uses a pendulum to help research your subconscious mind and soul records (Akashic Records). This process helps to release ideas, beliefs, negative energy, blocks, curses, past lives etc. and replace them with loving and supportive thoughts and beliefs. SRT also makes a client aware of their Higher Self and the programs/ energies that have been running up until the clearing. SRT helps to change one’s life by bringing happiness, prosperity, improving health and harmony. If you have been feeling out of sorts and negative, been feeling stuck and can’t move forward with yourself or business, or things continue to keep happening to you, then SRT would be a great option. When I clean someone of their energy, I only do this via the phone. The reason for this is that I don’t know how it is going to affect that person. Some people might feel exhausted, others might be very hungry or some might just need to just sit down and rest. What happens is that the pendulum just moves stuck energy. We are all made up of energy and a SRT cleaning helps to move pent up energy. I always tell clients that SRT is like an overhaul of your body. You are doing an entire tune up, which includes cleaning your chakras, and revamping your body, just like you would do for your car! Before I do an SRT cleaning, I have the client write down 5 things that they want cleared on a piece of paper. To demonstrate, this might be issues with a person, financial blocks, not being able to sleep, feeling like there is something on you (curse or something negative), or you might be frightening of something like a bridge and falling and you don’t know why! I also ask that they have either sage (to sage themselves) or Epsom salt (for a bath) in their house, to use after the cleaning is done. The reason for this is I am moving so much energy out that it is now dumped in your aura and you are now like “pigpen” from he Peanuts Comic strip and just permeated with this yuck! This will eliminate the yuck from you and your body. A session is an hour and the first 20 minutes or so I clear what Spirit wants me to clear for the client and the chakras. After this cleaning, I then start to clear what is written on the paper. During a cleaning, some clients might feel the energy being moved in their body, others may see it. This just depends on how sensitive you are. For me, I can feel the energy that is being moved in my body for the client and will share this with them. Once the session is over, I tell the client to go and either sage themselves or take an Epsom salt bath. I will also sage myself since I was tapped into their energy and will clean this off me too. I also tell clients that they will feel this energy moving for about 24-48 hours at the most. So, it is best to be low key during this time and rest. Once a cleaning is done, you can then get “tune ups” when you are starting to feel out of sorts. This is a 30 minutes session and it will help your body to stay at its best. If you haven’t had a cleaning, try it out and book one today! You will be amazed at how you will feel and the energy blocks that you have had, will lift!