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Top 10 Questions Revealed that the Chicks are Asked


I wanted to blog about the top 10 things the Chicks are asked frequently from clients! See if this might be one of your questions too! Booking Readings/Time-frame/Recording Session  - This is a daily question that

Top 10 Questions Revealed that the Chicks are Asked2019-07-06T17:51:30-07:00

Tarot vs. Oracle Cards


There are so many different divination cards that one can choose from to use in a reading. However, many people are overwhelmed when buying a deck! They are not even aware of the differences between

Tarot vs. Oracle Cards2018-09-17T03:45:55-07:00

Tea Leaf Readings


Have you or someone you know received a Tea Leaf Reading? What is it and how do you perform it? The Art of reading Tea Leafs is called "Tasseography." The reader of the cup will

Tea Leaf Readings2018-09-17T03:49:24-07:00


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