There are so many different divination cards that one can choose from to use in a reading. However, many people are overwhelmed when buying a deck! They are not even aware of the differences between the different types of decks. I am going to focus on the differences between the Tarot and Oracle Cards. By giving you some more in depth information on these decks, you will hopefully find the deck that is right for you!

Tarot Cards
Tarot Cards consist of 78 different cards which break into 2 categories; the Major and Minor Arcana. The word “Arcana” means mystery or mysterious. The Major Arcana cards consist of 22 cards which are numbered 0-21. These cards are can be considered “the most important cards” in the deck. Each card represents a “guide” or a “sign” to people, events or things in a reading. The Major Arcana predict the “major” issues in one’s life. When these cards appear in a reading pay close attention of who they might represent or what situation it’s referring to in ones life! Some readers actually just use the Major Arcana cards in a reading and do not incorporate the Minor Arcana. The reasoning for this is that each of these cards focus on having a “deeper,” “spiritual” or “higher matter” of meaning in life. Where as the Minor Arcana are “just fill in” or “everyday matters” of information and thus not needed. The Minor Arcana cards consist of 56 cards which have 4 different suits. Each suit contains cards from Ace to 10 and 4 Court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings). The “Court” cards can be used in a reading to represent oneself or other people. The Minor Arcana cards in readings “fill in the blanks” to life’s everyday situations. The different suits represent different elements, seasons and have different symbolizes to ones life.

Here are the different suits:

• Water element
• Summer (Ace of Cup card)
• Associated with “Emotions”

• Fire element
• Autumn (Ace of Wand card)
• Associated with “Ideas” or “Seeds” that one plants to manifest an idea

• Earth element
• Spring (Ace of Pentacle card)
• Associated with “Abundance” or “Manifestation” –Pentacles are the “fruits of ones labor”

• Air element
• Winter (Ace of Sword card)
• Associated with “Action” or “Struggles” –Swords are the “last effort” before the final result

Tarot Cards give an “in depth” reading of one’s situation depending on what “spread” is used. In some instances, a reader can just draw 1 to 3 cards from the deck and receive the answer to the question. Tarot cards “tell you” or “reflect” the information about a situation. They give you information on “how to” interact with the situation presently as long as you do not change your current path. Remember the Tarot only can provide the foundation on to what the situation is currently. Since we have “free will” with our lives, we have the option to change the situation with our actions.

Oracle Cards
Oracle cards usually consist of around 44 cards in a deck. There are many different types of decks and each one represents something different. I have several different decks that include: Angels, Romance Angels, Ascended  Masters and Mother Mary Queen of Angels. In these decks, each card of a particularly deck focuses on what that deck is about. To demonstrate, The Romance Angels cards give guidance on ones “love life,” where as the Angel cards gives “daily guidance” about what is happening in one’s life. Oracle cards give “affirmations” in readings and usually are geared toward “positive messages.” They tend to help you “hone in” and focus on a particular matter in one’s life. Oracle cards also help to assist in giving what “action” needs to be done in order to rectify the situation. When using an oracle deck, the reader can choose from 1 to 3 cards to provide the message in a reading. Just like the Tarot, we have “free will” in any situation and thus we can change the path we are on.

What Card deck is right for you?
The best way to find out what Card deck is “right” for you is to “experiment!” Start researching the different types of decks and see which ones you are drawn too. I would suggest visiting a local metaphysical store to see what decks they offer and to look at the different samples of cards they carry. When you see the different artistry, symbols and size of the cards this will help you determine if this deck is right for you. Another suggestion would be to get your cards read and see if those cards resonated with you! Many readers do have different decks; ask them to show you their different cards. Often than not, you will be drawn to a certain deck and those will be the “right” cards for you!