I read this fun article today and wanted to share it with you. I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney movies and of course the Princesses’ and their powerful stories of conquering evil, embracing love and empowering their own being. This article shares which Disney Princess relates to you the most according to your zodiac sign. I’m a Scorpio and truthfully was hoping for Princess Jasmine since she is my absolute favorite! My Princess is Snow White and as I was reading the synopsis it completely resonated with me. It reminded me to look at my strengths, keep pressing through even during the hardest of times, and that I will rise up from the ashes. Find your Disney Princess below and follow the link for a more in-depth explanation.

Aries is Mulan

Taurus is Merida

Gemini is Cinderella

Cancer is Belle

Leo is Rapunzel

Virgo is Aurora

Libra is Moana

Scorpio is Snow White

Sagittarius is Pocahontas

Capricorn is Tiana

Aquarius is Jasmine

Pisces is Ariel

Here’s Which Disney Princess You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign (glam.com)