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We Create Our Own Problems


I read this great blog from Dandapani and he talked about what creates the problems that we have in our life. In the article he asked his Guru why he had so many challenges he

We Create Our Own Problems2019-01-18T20:53:16-08:00

Fault vs. Responsibility


I came across a great video from Will Smith where he talks about “fault vs. responsibility.” I felt that this video was so poignant that I wanted to blog about it. In the video he

Fault vs. Responsibility2018-11-04T21:48:47-08:00

It Is Your Responsibility to be YOU!


Lately I have heard the same message come from a Dr. Dyer book “There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” and also saw a video that Oprah put out on her Facebook, “You are

It Is Your Responsibility to be YOU!2018-09-16T16:42:39-07:00


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