Lately I have heard the same message come from a Dr. Dyer book “There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” and also saw a video that Oprah put out on her Facebook, “You are responsible for you!” What does this mean? Basically it means, no matter what happens in your life it’s up to YOU to fix it. HUH? What I mean by this is that we all get into situations that are bleak or negative things continue to happen. When this happens we are pulling in this type of energy into our environment. Many ask God or Universe to “help us” so that this situation will end. However, the key to solving this problem is not by asking for help, it is by YOU asking for divine guidance to solve the situation! When we ask God or the Universe to solve the issue, guess what happens? NOTHING!!! They are waiting on YOU to make a decision to solve the issue! Remember you write your own script to your journey, so YOU have to decide what to do! Now don’t get me wrong, God or Universe is definitely there to assist us however, it is not up to them to do your work for you! Think of it this way, you are in school, do you ask your teacher to do your homework? NO! The teacher can guide and assist you with your homework but ultimately you do the work! This is the SAME thing here! It is your responsibility to do the work to resolve the issue. So, the next time when you have an issue or things seem bleak, what are you going to do? Will you stand there and wait for God / Universe to solve the issue for you? Or will you ask for divine guidance to assist you to solve the problem? Remember it’s your journey and we are here to work on lessons. Not all the lessons will be easy, however it is up to you to resolve them!