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Spirit Art


  Spirit Art with Encaustic Wax Whilst I was attending the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and psychic sciences in December of 2022, I learned a fun and creative way to connect with spirit; spirit

Spirit Art2023-11-10T13:37:02-08:00

Where to Next?


As a longtime Spiritualist and medium, I often get asked about what happens after we die. There is no short or easy answer to one such question. I share with them, as I now share

Where to Next?2023-06-17T09:53:14-07:00

Ghost or Spirit?


How many times have you found yourself wondering what is the difference between a ghost or a spirit? Are they the same thing? Ghosts and spirits are not the same, however they can be and

Ghost or Spirit?2023-04-14T11:54:44-07:00


What Is The DIfference Between A Psychic And A Medium?   We are a diverse group of amazing and talented Intuitive women, all of use and have different types of gifts. Sometimes when going to



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