Spirit Art with Encaustic Wax

Whilst I was attending the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and psychic sciences in December of 2022, I learned a fun and creative way to connect with spirit; spirit art using encaustic wax.

Whenever we are doing something creative like writing, painting, sewing, crafting, making music, and a myriad of other activities that get our creative juices flowing, we move into a state of heightened awareness. When we are in this state, inspiration and ideas flow easily. Solutions to challenges may come suddenly to us.  We may become aware of new and innovative ideas for projects or things that we wish to create in our lives. Communication with the spirit world is also possible and may flow easier whilst doing something creative.

You may be asking “why is that?”.  The simple answer is that when we are in that creative, heightened state of awareness, our finite or conscious mind is distracted or slightly subdued.  In other words, our mind becomes less rigid, more pliable, and receptive to the finer vibrations of inspiration and spirit communication.

Spirit art with encaustic wax is a beautiful and easy way to connect with spirit and your creative energies.  The wax is brightly colored and easily melted. Using an encaustic wax iron, you “load” the iron with different colors of wax and then move the iron over the blank card as you are inspired. The result is a unique picture, designed by you and your spirit team.  As the wax dries, the picture may change and details develop.  As with any form of spirit art, your picture may change over the weeks and or months.

Coming soon: I will be offering encaustic art readings that you will be able to book with Chicks with Spiritual Gifts.


Rev. Sheila