As a longtime Spiritualist and medium, I often get asked about what happens after we die. There is no short or easy answer to one such question. I share with them, as I now share with you, what I’ve come to understand about death through my own research, training, and personal experiences with persons that have left this physical plane of existence.

Spiritualism teaches that there is no death; there are no dead. What does that mean? Simply put it means that we believe that once a person leaves their physical body, they continue to live on in the Etheric world. Some call the afterlife heaven, some call it Summerland, or Blue Island. Call it what you will, we are still conscious and quite alive in the Spirit world, retaining our personality, memories, and the experiences of our physical lives. And we are capable of communicating with our friends and loved ones that have remained on the physical plane.

I have an example for you of how the spirit world communicates to us. Recently my best friend’s husband passed unexpectedly to the spirit world. As you can imagine, we were all just devastated. I was given the honor of officiating the funeral for my friend’s husband. I was nervous about whether I would be able to take the service without crying. At about 3:30 the morning of the service I was awakened by my wee doggies barking their little heads off. I got up and wandered around the house trying to figure out what was upsetting them. As I stood in my kitchen, I became aware of a noise coming from the garage. I flipped the interior light on and poked my head out the door into the garage only to find the automatic door going up and down on its own! Never before has that door done such a thing and it has not done it since then either. I stopped the door and came back into the house. I then became aware that my friend’s husband was letting me know that he is ok.
Over the years of communing and communicating with those individuals in the spirit world I have also come to understand that the things that we say and do while living on the earth plane matter. How we conduct our lives and treat other people does matter. I’ve learned that wherever we are in our individual spiritual understanding (or lack thereof) directly affects our future afterlife. The work we do here on the physical plane for spiritual understanding and growth will benefit us greatly once we get to the etheric plane. I’ve also learned that once we get to the spirit world, we are able to continue to learn, grow, and expand our awareness. Isn’t that an awesome concept?!
If you would like to do a little studying of your own, I highly suggest reading two books: The Blue Island written by W.T. Stead and Flying High in Spirit written by Mikey Morgan. Both are available on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed!
Onwards and upwards Darlings!
Rev. Sheila