Love & Trust Your Being


Hi Beautiful Souls, I just felt obliged to write something short and sweet to remind you of how WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I wanted to tell you personally that I feel you are coming into your

Love & Trust Your Being2023-05-27T20:26:36-07:00

Guardian Angels


I’m writing this with the help of my own guardian angel, Lilly. We have many angels helping us but specifically we are all born with a guardian angel. They are assigned to us to help

Guardian Angels2023-04-05T14:02:28-07:00

Color Healing


Healing energies can come from many things. Including colors! Each color represents an energetic frequency. The easiest way to use this is by looking at a color wheel. It represents its primary state and its

Color Healing2023-03-17T15:35:01-07:00

The Benefits of Meditation


I recently tried Oprah’s and Deepak 21 day meditation that was offered online. It was a blessing as it is very hard for me to sit still. I have been working on trying to mediate

The Benefits of Meditation2018-09-17T02:48:33-07:00

Crystals: How They Can Benefit You!


With the Tucson Gem show being in Arizona the past few weeks, I wanted to blog about the use of crystals. Crystals have been used to assist in balancing, relaxing and healing people’s bodies. Every

Crystals: How They Can Benefit You!2018-09-17T03:27:48-07:00

Balancing Your Energy


Have you ever just felt like you were off, maybe you had scattered thoughts and you just couldn’t think straight? This is due to your energy being off balance. Life brings many unexpected occurrences that

Balancing Your Energy2018-09-17T03:56:07-07:00


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