Healing energies can come from many things. Including colors! Each color represents an energetic frequency. The easiest way to use this is by looking at a color wheel. It represents its primary state and its opposition. If you are feeling upset and angry, which associates with red, you want to counteract with the opposing color which is green. This will create a proper balance in the energies happening. You can do this by simple things like wearing green, eating leafy greens, or meditating and picturing green with a beautiful vibrant forest around you. Green is also the color of healing. If you combine the two together you will find that the passion you have about something can be balanced in a loving, peaceful way. If you’re feeling down and tired, you need yellow! Go out and get some sunshine, eat something with citrus and embellish yourself in a bright atmosphere. Yellow is a powerhouse color, and you can focus your energy on being bright like the sun. The opposing color is purple which is about getting in touch with your spiritual side and opening up. You can combine the two colors together and use them to help expand yourself. Each color has their own vibrational frequencies and will help us heal from the factors that we are experiencing mentally, physically, and emotionally. With this knowledge we can use the colors to our benefit.


Red: Passionate, grounding

Orange: Creativity, emotions

Yellow: Power, intellect

Green: Healing, love

Blue: Truth, kindness

Violet: Intuition, imagination

Pink: Playful, innocent

White: Pure, simple

Black: Strength, mysterious