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Different Salts


There are different types of salts that are used for different energies and spiritual work. Salts can be used in baths or for boundaries on properties. Here are the types of salts that can be

Different Salts2021-03-19T19:05:10-07:00

Capricorn Crystals


Each zodiac sign has crystals that work with that sign. Here are the crystals that work with Capricorn. Remember to make sure you clean them too, so they are all charged up and ready to

Capricorn Crystals2020-12-31T13:43:03-08:00

New Year 2021!


Finally, New Year's 2021 has arrived! I know so many people that have been looking forward to letting 2020 end and reasonably so! With this new year upon us, what are you plans for the

New Year 2021!2021-01-01T11:31:48-08:00

What Are You Grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020?


This year has brought about so many changes for all of us. We have all learned to do things differently than before. We have all learned what its like to wear a mask daily. We

What Are You Grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020?2020-11-24T14:04:18-08:00

What is an Ankh?


What is an Ankh? An ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol of a cross with a loop at the top of it. The Egyptians used this symbol to represent many aspects of “life.” This includes

What is an Ankh?2020-11-24T14:02:07-08:00

What is Your Tarot Birth Card?


The tarot can also be used to understand what your sign of the zodiac for your birth! Look at your card and see how it represents you! Aries-The Emperor (March 21-April 19) Taurus- The Hierophant

What is Your Tarot Birth Card?2020-11-05T08:25:22-08:00

Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos


It is Halloween tomorrow, are you ready? Halloween is a wonderful time for all of us to dress up and enjoy the day and night of frightful things and candy! However, did you know that

Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos2020-10-22T12:31:11-07:00

Archangel Barachiel


Recently, I learned about a new Archangel named Barachiel. Archangel Barachiel comes in with the color green and is associated with Archangel Raphael. One of his purposes is to protect you from chaos in one’s

Archangel Barachiel2020-10-03T08:22:09-07:00

Life is Precious


This year has brought about many fears due to the pandemic of Covid. One of the biggest fears that has come up is dying. This pandemic has brought to the surface how precious life is.

Life is Precious2020-09-26T09:22:11-07:00

Types of Medium


What is a Medium? A Medium is a person who can receive information and is the "middleman" between a Loved One who has passed and a client. Mediums have become more mainstream these days with

Types of Medium2020-08-21T07:28:28-07:00


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