It is Halloween tomorrow, are you ready? Halloween is a wonderful time for all of us to dress up and enjoy the day and night of frightful things and candy! However, did you know that this is also a time for us to celebrate our loved ones that passed? Dia De Los Muertos, or the day of the dead, is during this time too! This is a time for you to honor your loved ones and celebrate their life with flowers, candles, photos, food, drinks, and memories.

No matter if you love Halloween and/or Dia De Los Muertos, we are celebrating change and transformation. Just as we dress up for Halloween, we transform into someone different for Halloween. As for Dia De Los Muertos, we are celebrating the change of a new life for our passed loved ones on the other side.

So, this year, ask yourself, what do I want to transform or change in my life this upcoming year? Really think about this statement because this is the perfect time for change! If you are dressing up for Halloween what did you choose? Maybe you chose a nurse’s outfit for Halloween, do you see yourself as a nurse? Or perhaps you decided to wear a police officer outfit, do you like law and order? Many times, we know these things in the back of our minds but have not had the courage to go for it! Whatever that outfit you chose (even if it is a frightful zombie one) there is a reason behind the choice, find out what yours is! Have fun and a safe Halloween and know that your passed loved ones are with you too! Say hi to them too!