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Spirit Animals


Spirit Animals We as humans are very connected to animals here on earth. A variety of cultures have found them to be sacred in many forms. There is such a beauty that comes through their

Spirit Animals2023-01-23T10:06:18-08:00

Spirit Signs


I had a client ask me to blog about spirit signs. She wanted to know, “how do you know if it is a sign or not or if there are too many signs.”  I thought

Spirit Signs2021-02-12T08:50:26-08:00

Signs the Universe Can Give to You!


I have clients ask me all the time questions such as “Am I on the right path?” or “Should I stay in this relationship?” and “What is my life purpose?” We all have questions that

Signs the Universe Can Give to You!2018-09-06T19:31:53-07:00

Butterflies from Grandpa


The other day I was looking out my hotel window, which was on the 15th floor, and I saw a butterfly pass by! I thought, was that really butterfly I just saw? As I watched

Butterflies from Grandpa2018-09-17T03:50:15-07:00

Signs from the Other Side


Many of us receive signs from our loved ones on the other side, we just don’t always pay attention. Sometimes we pass it off as “that just didn’t happen!” Multiple times I have heard people

Signs from the Other Side2018-09-17T04:02:56-07:00


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