I had a client ask me to blog about spirit signs. She wanted to know, “how do you know if it is a sign or not or if there are too many signs.”  I thought this is a great question to address. When we are asking spirit to help bring us signs and messages, they will without a doubt help us. However, not everything is a sign! When you are first opening to listen or see signs you might think everything is a sign, however this is not the case. You are just being open to receiving messages which is a good thing. However, a sign is something that is concrete, and you know that it is a message from them. To demonstrate, I asked for the angels to give me a sign if this is the right job for me to take. I notice feathers, a coin, a rainbow but these are not specific signs to this job. Yes, they could be signs, but it is not concrete. I then notice the name of the company on a truck that I just passed, YES this is the sign that this is the job to take! Notice how it was very specific to the question I asked, its concrete. Sometimes people feel that everything is a sign and they start to go overboard with that type of thinking. Remember ask spirit to give you a without a doubt concrete sign so you KNOW the difference.

Now I want to point out that you can be specific with them too! So, if you want to see a feather, ask them to show the sign in a feather. So that can work as being a concrete sign too. To demonstrate another example of this, I had one friend that told me she asked to see a Texas license plate on her drive. She wanted to know it was the right place to move to. Well on her 15-minute drive she saw 3 Texas license plates! YES, this was a sign and the right move for her! Remember, the key is to ask and get the concrete sign and you will know when spirit has answered you!