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What Are You Doing This Summer?


We are in the full fledge of summer and have you been enjoying it? What have you done this summer? If you haven’t gotten out yet to enjoy it, take time now to breathe in

What Are You Doing This Summer?2019-07-12T10:23:00-07:00

Gluten Free Diet


I blogged about seeing Dr. Mark Baxter as he helped me figure out the “deficiencies in your body" and I wanted to expand on the gluten free diet component. Dr. Baxter talked to me about

Gluten Free Diet2018-09-06T18:30:22-07:00

Deficiencies in Your Body


Recently, I saw a wonderful doctor named Dr. Mark Baxter who was referred to me from a client name Nikole. She  told me how she was not feeling up to par, felt tired, was getting

Deficiencies in Your Body2018-09-06T18:36:36-07:00


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