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About Kimmie

I have always had an interest and a passion for all things intuitive and metaphysical.  It wasn't until I decided to face my own ongoing health issues with anxiety and panic attacks that I discovered the root cause for my often feeling overwhelmed with random physical symptoms and emotions that did not feel like my own.  I now realize the healing I did around my anxiety and panic attacks was the universe benevolently allowing me to discover my own innate intuitive gifts and empathic nature.  I now use my blended knowledge of intuitive arts and energy medicine to create a unique healing practice as an intuition based acupuncturist in Phoenix, AZ.  My specialty in acupuncture includes anxiety, addictions recovery, weight loss, pain, stress and the alleviation of PTSD symptoms due to trauma. Outside of my traditional acupuncture training I am also a Reiki practitioner, Zen Tarot and Tao I-Ching Oracle Card reader, Hypnotherapist and a Certified Mind Body and Spirit Practitioner via Sunlight Alliance via Sunny Dawn Johnston. I am committed to and will always be a lifelong learner of the Intuitive and Healing  Arts, Energy Medicine, Animal Totems and Esoteric Daoist teachings.  My life’s greatest vision and goal is to assist others to remember and ignite that quiet still inner voice that exists inside of them, the one that our culture unfortunately has taught us to ignore.

The Healing Power of Connecting with Ancestors


Since ancient times, cultures all over the world have recognized the importance of honoring ancestors. Ancestor veneration practices can be found in many spiritual traditions and indigenous communities. This reflects an underlying understanding of how

The Healing Power of Connecting with Ancestors2023-10-30T17:06:59-07:00

The Root Chakra (Kimmie’s Chakra Series)


Restoring Balance and Stability The human body is a complex system of energy centers known as chakras. Among these, the root chakra, or Muladhara, forms the foundation upon which all other chakras rest. Located at

The Root Chakra (Kimmie’s Chakra Series)2023-05-31T16:25:50-07:00

Lucid Dreaming For Beginners


Lucid dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon that has captured the attention of many people over the years. It allows us to control our dreams, and experience things we may not be able to in our

Lucid Dreaming For Beginners2023-11-19T19:06:08-08:00

Akashic Records For Beginners


I have been intrigued about the Akashic Records for as long as I can remember.  It always seemed to make sense to me that information about anything was always available at my fingertip.  It felt

Akashic Records For Beginners2023-03-24T23:17:06-07:00

SRT Cleanings – A Great Use For Pendulums


This is a reposted blog by our Chick in Heaven, Terri.  I wanted to repost it as a an opportunity to touch on how useful pendulum work can be!  Especially since we will be creating

SRT Cleanings – A Great Use For Pendulums2023-02-16T13:59:50-08:00


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