I have been intrigued about the Akashic Records for as long as I can remember.  It always seemed to make sense to me that information about anything was always available at my fingertip.  It felt like a natural state of being, even though I was not able to in my current human form to easily transverse data at will, it was like part of me could always remember that I could. So when the concept of the akashic records came up, i was like yes, that totally is it.

If you have never heard of the it, the akashic records or book of life of is a place that supposedly exists in the astral realms.  The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Akasha” it is a philosophical concept that there are records for each of our souls, and all of life, that exist in books composed of astral light that has a complete record of all past and future of human thought and action. These book are kept in a heavenly or ethereal library and overseen by very protective keepers often referred to as “Lords of The Records”.

I know this sounds a tad out there, but if this speaks to you at all, it might be because your soul is curious about experiencing your own book and information that could bring you deeper understanding of who you have been through time and space and how to help bring healing to you and ultimately to others and the world.

The world is rapidly changing and dense energy is being dissolved and the true nature of who we are is coming to light.  These are scary yet very exiting times, and now the spiritual places like “akashic records” are becoming more easily available to us all.  There are just a few caveats I would like to summarize how to make this a reality:

  1. Approach the records with a non-judge mental loving heart. This seems to be very essential since the information is sacred and needs to be channeled in a clear way and having an open heart makes it easier for the information to be understood and lovingly shared with you and others.
  2. Making time regularly to establish a deep connection with the hall of records and the guardians of the akashic books.
  3. With each sitting, making sure to have a regular prayer you state to approach and open your consciousness to the akashic hall and the heavenly librarians.
  4. In the prayer make sure to ask for permissions, and state your gratitude for being let in to access the information
  5. Be patient this is a muscle that will take time to strengthen and a skill that will develop over time with regular practice.
  6. Start with accessing your own book in the beginning! Over time you can branch out to read for and help others.
  7. The final step is always to thank the “Guardians and Lords Of The Records” for their assistance and to close the connection to the books and the hall.
  8. Final step is to trust the process, the info you receive, and watch your connection strengthen and unfold over time!