Angel Number 555


Recently, I have been seeing the number 555. This has happened to me in the last 2 days. I woke up at 5:55am the last 2 days. I then saw the clock at 5:55pm and

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Legion of Angels


Today I wanted to blog about what I do when I need extra help from the Other Side. I have blogged about Angels and the Archangels who I use on a daily basis, however sometimes

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Angel Communication


Every day Angels try and communicate with us. They want to help us in our daily lives to make things easier for us. As I stated in Angels 101 blog, they are at our door

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Archangels 101


Have you or someone you know experienced an Archangel? What are Archangels? Archangels are spiritual beings who are angels but they are "higher level" angels. These angels would be like a President or CEO of

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Angels 101


Who are “Angels” and where do they come from? Angels are spiritual beings that come to assist individuals with situations. Many people believe they are “pure spirits” that come to bring us messages from the

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