I’m writing this with the help of my own guardian angel, Lilly. We have many angels helping us but specifically we are all born with a guardian angel. They are assigned to us to help guide us and keep us safe. Many times, this angel has worked with us in a previous life. They know our soul and true being. To help us they give us nudges and reminders about life and situations. Sometimes they even intervene when necessary to get us back on track. Making a personal connection with your angel can bring you more balance, grounding, and trust in what is happening in your life. They are pure light and want nothing but the best for us. A special message from them is “Keep moving forward, everything is ok.” Even in times of chaos they will help you do this with comfort and ease. They love to have you connect with them on a personal level. Talk to them like they are a friend sitting right beside you. Tell them all the details, where your head is at, and how you are feeling. This makes the connection so much stronger between you and your angel. While we are living, they will always be with us so by forming a bond with them it will really add some extra “pizzazz.” Lilly says “Angels are fun! We love to laugh, play games, tell jokes, and make life just feel lighter. We want to form that special bond with you because when you’re down you always know you can count on us. The world is a stuffy place and we’re like a teddy bear you can always cuddle. We Love You!” You can even name your angel or ask them what their name is. A lot of times it will be something you’ve been drawn to. A name you have always liked or even a favorite Disney character you had as a child. When you call in your own angel for help you can even say to them “I may need some extra help right now can you bring in some friends please!” They are always happy to assist you in whatever you need. They want to remind you that angel time and earth time are completely different. So, if things aren’t happening right away for you the way you want just know that it is happening… it just takes longer in our time here on Earth for things to manifest. A lot of times they just watch you and smile because they are so proud of you and what you have concurred in your life. We don’t always see it that way as humans but to the angels we truly are beings of light and they are fascinated with the incredible strides we make and things we do. Through the good times and the hard the angels will always have our backs. <3