We have many Guides that work with us in our lives. Each different group of Guides work on different things in our lives. They try to communicate with us on a daily basis but many times we are not aware of it or shrug it off as something other than this. How do we know which Guides are working with us?  This depends on what is going on in one’s life and what one needs assistance with. Here is a list below of some of the different types of Guides that work with us!

  1. Archangels-The Archangels can guide us with many different things. Read the blog “Archangels 101” to see what each Archangel is in charge of. Archangels are high level angels who are very powerful. You can work with them to bring in many things in your life. They also have different colors that associate with them. Michael is the color blue while Raphael comes in the color of green. Call upon them in time of need, strength, courage, wisdom or love as they are always there to guide us!
  2. Healing Guides- These guides assist us with healing and one’s overall well-being. Healing guides also aid anyone in the Medical field or who have healing hands. These include Massage Therapists or people who practice Reiki or types of Energy Healing.
  1. Gate Keeper Guides- These guides assist Mediums who communicate with the Spiritual side. They protect against negative energies or lower vibrations. These guides act as a “gate keeper” allowing only the higher energies or vibrations to work with them.
  2. Educational Guides- These guides assist us on our Spiritual journey of knowledge. They direct us to books, teachers, like minded people or anything that will assist us here on earth to know more about the Spiritual path.
  3. Joy Guides- These guides our usually children or fairies who assist us to bring in laughter and joy in our lives. They work with us to remind us to be like a kid and play without worrying about earth life responsibilities.
  4. Animal Totem Guides- These guides are animals who assist us in our daily lives. A person can have just one and some may have several animal totem guides at one time. They remind us of what we are seeking in life. To demonstrate, a lion animal totem guide might be showing you to have courage and speak your truth. Whereas a hummingbird animal totem guide might be teaching you to lighten up and relax. Each animal totem guide brings in different things to work on in your life

Since you know the different types of Guides, start to reach out to the ones that resonate with you! The more you practice working with them the more you will see the benefits they bring to you. You will be amazed at how they can even help lighten your load in your life. Start connecting with them today and see the blessings they will offer you!