We all have those life moments when you feel like so much is on your shoulders and you just can’t breathe! I knew things were happening as the Angels were giving the number 555 and I blogged about it late August. Well, this month has been one of those trying times and I wanted to reach out and say, “thank you” to all my friends, as well as, my sister for being so supportive of me. You know these type of people, the ones that are there for you no matter what “life blows” come at you. These people have been giving me wise counsel, help and resources, a shoulder to lean on, healing, thinking of me or reaching out to check on me. Many have boosted me up and helped me to see the bigger picture, the vision that I am creating. The next step of where I am going with my journey. They are reminding me that letting go of the old is not leaving anyone behind, no matter if others may feel or think that way. No, it is about bringing about a new path to bring more people into my future, to assist more, so I can help more. So, to all those peeps that have been carrying me through the journey this month, THANK YOU!  Because without you, I would not be pushing forward into this new beginning that the Universe is providing for me. Without you, I would not be dreaming bigger on my journey right now, as you have seen bigger than what I could have imagined. Without you, I wouldn’t feel the love and support that you have provided for me! Without you, I would have walked this path alone in darkness and you all have shown me the light. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And to anyone out there reading this blog, who do you need to thank that has carried you? Send them a note of gratitude and lift them up as much as they have for you!