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Effects of Readings and Healings


This week I have had a few clients ask me the effects of readings once they have read with me, so I thought I would blog about it today. See what to expect after receiving

Effects of Readings and Healings2019-10-10T18:07:02-07:00

Predictions, Potential or Roads


I wanted to blog about predictions that might encounter in a reading. I always tell clients predictions are actually “potentials” or I like to call them your “roads” of things on our paths. Many things

Predictions, Potential or Roads2019-09-05T10:20:54-07:00

Finding the Right Medium for You!


Today, I wanted to touch upon a Facebook posting that I saw by James Van Praagh. In his Facebook video, he discussed the topic of “Finding the Right Medium for You.” I thought that this

Finding the Right Medium for You!2018-09-17T02:33:08-07:00


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