Today I wanted to address if there is a difference between the different types of Reading choices. I am asked several times each week from clients if there is a difference in the readings that the Chicks offer. Here are some of the questions I receive on this matter and the answers to them as well!

  1. Is there a Difference Between an In-Person, Phone or Email Reading? There is NOT a difference on which Reading service you choose. An In-person reading is the same as a Phone reading (Phone, Skype or Face-Time) or an Email reading, nothing is different. There is no time or space with Spirit. What that means is that the message will always be the same, as everything is equal in Spirits eyes. I always tell clients that Spirit does not discriminate on how you receive your message. Spirit knows what you need to hear and they will provide it anyway shape or fashion for you to hear the message.
  2. Is it Better for the Chicks to see Me to Pick up on My Energy? Spirit knows who you are, I don’t need to know what you look like or need to be in your presence. I will receive the exact same information, if i see you or not. As for Email readings, we do ask for a picture photo from the clients. The reason for this is that the client feels more comfortable that we are connecting with them. However, we don’t need a photo for that either. Again Spirit knows who you are!
  3. Will I Receive More Information if I Come In-person? The answer to this is NO, it is the same information across the board. This is even the case for an Email reading, I allow for clarifying questions if you are not understanding the information given. Remember, Spirit will make sure you receive all the information you need, so nothing will be missed when you receive your message.
  4. If I Have an Email Reading than can I have an In-person reading next week? In the eyes of Spirit a message is a message, so if you receive an Email Reading message you cannot receive another message the next week, as it is the same information and nothing has changed. Spirit asks that I allow for at least 3-6 months before the next reading, no matter what choice of reading you choose (In-person, Phone or Email). This is because change needs to occur and the client needs to allow for this change. However I do allow for an occasional “emergency” 30 minute reading on that subject only if something major is happening in one’s life which include, job loss, broken relationship or a persons passing.

Lastly, when you are ready to book a reading, figure out what type of reading you think will be best for you! If you are more of a visual person then maybe an In-person, Skype or Face-Time reading would be best for you! If you are more of a Phone person, then go that route! Remember no matter which type of Reading you choose, it will be the same, it’s just what is best for you!