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New Year 2021!


Finally, New Year's 2021 has arrived! I know so many people that have been looking forward to letting 2020 end and reasonably so! With this new year upon us, what are you plans for the

New Year 2021!2021-01-01T11:31:48-08:00



Since we are starting this new year, many people have done new years resolutions. I know that I have done mine and I wanted to share with you an addiction that I am working on


2020 is Here, ARE YOU READY?


2020 is now here, are you ready for a new decade? Time seems to fly by so fast and I ask myself, “where did the last 10 years go?” I am blowing away how quickly

2020 is Here, ARE YOU READY?2019-12-30T08:05:55-08:00

Tips for New Year’s Resolutions


Are you one of those people that make New Year's Resolutions for the year but never works on them? Or maybe you work on it for the first week or two and then forget about

Tips for New Year’s Resolutions2018-12-31T16:46:56-08:00

A New Year and a New You!


Are you in for a change this New Year? Do you have a list of things that you want to manifest in this year? Are you ready to make a change that allows for you

A New Year and a New You!2018-11-04T21:56:19-08:00

New Years Resolutions


As we encroach on the New Year of 2017, have you thought about what your New Year’s Resolutions might be? In other words, what do you want to “manifest” in this year? When you actually

New Years Resolutions2018-09-06T19:04:20-07:00


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