Are you in for a change this New Year? Do you have a list of things that you want to manifest in this year? Are you ready to make a change that allows for you to bring these things in? Well you can! All you have to do is start thinking and manifesting these things in TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! YES, YOU CAN DO IT! It really is a simple process; however, it does entail believing, trusting, and actually doing the work. So, how do you start? Here is the step by step process!

  1. Thinking what you want! Start by thinking of things you want to bring in this year. These can be big or small things, anything that you are wanting.
  2. Make a list! Write all the things you were thinking about and put them on a list. This list will help to remind you daily on what you are working on this year to bring in.
  3. Start Manifesting! Manifesting is just means “creating!” What are you trying to create? So, if you are wanting a new job, start to work on updating your resume. Start networking with others so they know you are looking for a job. Start looking for the job you are wanting to bring in with the company you are wanting to work for! These types of things are called Manifesting, it is the DOING to bring what you want in!
  4. Mark things off the List! When you do achieve one of the items that are on your list, then Check It Off the List! This shows you the progress you are making!
  5. Give Gratitude’s! Thank the Universe for the items that you did achieve. The more we thank the Universe the more comes to us!

This process is really easy and you CAN bring in anything that you set your mind to! The only limitation is YOU. So, start working on what you want to bring in this year and make it happen! Just be open and KNOW it can happen! Happy New Year!