Hi Beautiful Souls, I just felt obliged to write something short and sweet to remind you of how WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I wanted to tell you personally that I feel you are coming into your own being and that you have done AMAZING work here on the Earth plane. It’s not easy being here on Earth, we have moments of weakness and sadness and moments of strength and happiness. The greatest thing is that if we come from our highest good and highest being it gives us the ability to have a deep knowing that all will just fall into place in our favor. Trust your gut feeling. If something feels icky and bleh just don’t go with it! Whatever it is just say “no thanks, not for me.” That will bring you empowerment and catapult you forward in this life, knowing that you trusted yourself. When it seems everything is going wrong and you just “can’t fix it” that’s ok! Just remember to fall into your own alignment and allow the universe to help you overcome the obstacles. I know it is easier said than done BUT when you truly believe and feel it in your bones and inner strength things will flow always in your favor. Even if it’s not happening in your time frame it IS happening from the spiritual plane. Just may take a bit more time than we anticipated here on Earth. I know this can be a scary feeling because we are leaving something up to a higher force without knowing the exacts of how, what, where and when that we are so familiar with. But keep yourself grounded and focus on what you want and always believe in yourself. You made it here and you truly can do anything. Going with the flow of a current as opposed to against it makes it so much easier to get up stream. Sometimes we must wait for the current to shift so we can flourish with ease in our lives. Use this tool in your life and always remember we have the choice to flow with what is happening or go against it. One current will be more of a struggle, and one will be easy breezy. Just trust in the all-knowing of yourself and the universe guiding you. Keep being the uncanny, loving, caring, all knowing being that you are in this world and the same energies will always come back to you. Trust yourself, love yourself and give yourself a big hug and kiss because you truly deserve it.