Love & Trust Your Being


Hi Beautiful Souls, I just felt obliged to write something short and sweet to remind you of how WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I wanted to tell you personally that I feel you are coming into your

Love & Trust Your Being2023-05-27T20:26:36-07:00

Clearing Energy


In this post I want to touch on how important it is to clear our energies and surroundings. As we live each day of our lives many things happen. Some days are great some are

Clearing Energy2023-03-17T15:42:25-07:00

An Easy Way to Let Go of Things


We all need to work on letting things go from the past. Here is a quick and easy step by step way to do this. Forgive Someone/Something of the Past. Feel the Pain that is

An Easy Way to Let Go of Things2021-03-25T19:45:27-07:00

Change is Inevitable


This year has made us look at things with different eyes. Change became inevitable because of the pandemic. Everyone had to relook, rethink and redo how we lived life. It was a huge transformation for

Change is Inevitable2020-10-17T07:54:35-07:00

9/11 Remembrance Day


Today is a Remembrance Day of the 9/11 attacks. I cannot believe that it is has been almost 20 years that this has happened as I remember it like yesterday. I have seen the 9/11

9/11 Remembrance Day2020-09-12T08:08:16-07:00

Is Your Battery Low?


A few weeks ago, I left the country and took some time off because I was just drained! I had been working excessively and giving to much of myself to others. When this happens its

Is Your Battery Low?2020-01-04T08:03:59-08:00

Raising Your Vibration


Many clients ask me what they can do to raise their vibration energetically. What does this mean? When you are consciously elevating your energy or vibration to more positive states, more positive things come to

Raising Your Vibration2019-05-10T08:24:26-07:00

Left Eye Twitching


I had a client ask me, “What does it mean when a left eye is twitching Spiritually?” Well, first, I want to address, how do we know it Spiritual? Many times, eyes twitch because it

Left Eye Twitching2019-04-26T08:27:53-07:00

Negative Energy Surrounding You


The past few weeks have been a bit difficult for me, as I have had a slew of negative energy surround me and my business. I am sure you are wondering; how does this happen?

Negative Energy Surrounding You2018-09-06T18:40:15-07:00

Symbols to Use for Energy Healing


Lately I have been working on clearing a lot of old energy that has been stored in my body from past experiences. Some people call this spiritual healing or energy healing. The reason a person

Symbols to Use for Energy Healing2018-09-06T18:55:17-07:00


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