In this post I want to touch on how important it is to clear our energies and surroundings. As we live each day of our lives many things happen. Some days are great some are ok and sometimes we just have a flat-out bad day. Positive energies attract more positivity and negative energies attract more negativity. These energies affect us greatly so we want to attract the highest positive energy we can. You can achieve this by clearing out negative energies. This can include something from the past still lingering or something current that is taking place in your life. Every day or so often at times this may be coming back again and again. In these situations what we would like to happen is release and transform the negative energies into positive. This is a task for us as we open and acknowledge the different vibrations we are facing in life. To do this we sometimes have to face what has hurt us in the past and bring light to the situation at hand. We want to have the highest vibrational energy because in turn it brings forth and creates more abundance, peace, love, and happiness in our lives. Waking up without feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, looking forward to the day, having restful night’s sleep and enjoying the little things that we may overlook. I will list a couple methods I love to use to help me rid myself of the heavy, negative energy.

Sage, Palo Santo and copal to cleanse the energy: this is also known as smudging. You can find these in many forms including smudge sticks, incense, candles and sprays. Open as many windows and doors that you can to let out the negative energy. Keep them open for 10-15 minutes when you are all done. An important thing when using this method is to always smudge yourself first. While doing this and your further smudging keep the intention of healing and clearing out the old energies to replace with new positive ones. You can envision specific things like if there was an argument or something when you came home that you just felt icky about. Whatever it is just move it out and let it go. I usually start outside by the door I open to cleanse myself first from head to toe. From there move around the areas of you are cleansing like your home, work, inside your car etc. Make sure to get ALL areas the best you can including corners, opening cabinets, dressers, closets, bathrooms and getting low to the ground. If you think about how much energy moves and is attached to you, you will realize that by getting into places you would never have thought of it will really start to clear out all the gunk. An example is a gift from someone. You never know what that gift encountered energetically! I always like to do a quick sweep over something new I bring into my home. If you don’t have a bunch of extra time, just go thru as much as possible starting with the areas you and other people use the most. No matter what this method will always help.

Selenite Crystal: clears energy and charges other crystals. I like to place the wands or smaller pieces of selenite under windowsills, by doors that go in and out and under my bed. Anywhere you feel would be important go with your gut and put one there. The more you have the better to keep the energy channels clear. Also holding the selenite crystal, yourself will balance your energy out. It’s a great stone to hold while doing meditation and energy healing work.