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What Is The DIfference Between A Psychic And A Medium?   We are a diverse group of amazing and talented Intuitive women, all of use and have different types of gifts. Sometimes when going to

Spirit Animals

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Spirit Animals We as humans are very connected to animals here on earth. A variety of cultures have found them to be sacred in many forms. There is such a beauty that comes through their


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I have blogged about chakras 1-7 before which are 3rd dimensional. However, there are more chakras beyond this. Here are the Chakras from 8-22 and what colors they represent. Chakras 8-15 represent the 4th Dimension.

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about terri mediumTerri Tucker teaches Mediumship and Divination classes to students, helping them to focus on their abilities and use these abilities on their journeys. She holds certificates from the Morris Pratt Institute, UK Academy of Mediumship, Psychic Senses, Centre of Excellence, Love & Light Events Ltd., and The Voice of Spirit. Her guides continually push her to share her knowledge and teach others how to walk their own unique spiritual path.

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