“Only upon reflection of his journey, will the answer come.”

We are currently under the sun sign of Virgo (August 22/23 – September 22). Virgo is represented in the Tarot by the Hermit (Major Arcana, #9). *  In that context, during this time, you may find yourself seeking clarification from new sources, likely going within for the answers, or taking a “time out”.

Those born under the sign should make sure they don’t become reclusive to the point of loneliness and bitterness; though, doing things on your own, with little outside help, can be quite rewarding at this time. It is not unusual to work on inner strength while dealing with outer challenges under the sign of Virgo.

Virgo also covers the 8, 9 and 10 of Coins in the Tarot. The 8 is learning a new trade, skill or profession – maybe even being painstaking and methodical about something that could pay off down the line (falls in line with the period when most kids and adults are going back to school). The 9 is not asking for help, needing to turn inward, accomplishing something on your own. Rounding it out, the 10 is moving away from material/physical concern, often by conservative or traditional means (I call that one the “working for the man” card).

When the Sun is in Virgo, it’s a great time to practice meditation, prayer and periods of solitude. The Hermit must go off on his own in search of the meaning of the life, and only upon reflection of his journey, will the answer come.

From my book and podcast, “Personalities of the Tarot”, the time of the Hermit can be characterized in the following way:


  • Introspection, looking within, thinking things over, seeking understandinghermittarot
  • Searching, truth, guidance
  • Solitude, stillness, alone, seclusion

The Hermit indicates a period of reflection when distractions are limited.  He shows that there may be a need for time alone to think.  Withdrawal, or retreat, may be advisable at this time.  The Hermit seeks deeper understanding and the truth of a situation.

The Hermit relates to times of reflection when distractions are limited.  You may often feel the need for time alone to think.  Withdrawal, or retreat, is advised. The Hermit seeks deeper understanding , looking for the truth of a situation, and he will often succeed with meditation, contemplation and self-examination.

If manifested negatively, the energies of this card can result in unfriendliness, melancholy and an inability to relate with others.  After periods of reflection, you must remember to re-integrate with your tribe and society.

 Famous Virgo:  Lyndon Johnson, Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, Pee Wee Herman, Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, Chrissie Hynde, Shania Twain, Sophia Loren, Scott Baio, Steven King, Joan Jett

*Note:  There are differing schools of thought re: astro/tarot interpretation. My personal use of Tarot and astrological correspondence is information which resonates with me, learned over years of study. 

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