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What is Your Spirit Guides Name?


Have you ever wondered what you Spirit Guides name is? Do you wonder if it’s a girl, guy or androgynous? You are not the only one, I have several clients ask me this all the

What is Your Spirit Guides Name?2019-06-14T08:39:15-07:00

Is Your Guardian Angel the Same as Your Spirit Guide?


A reader asked me a great question and I wanted to blog about it and his question was, “is your Guardian Angel the same as your Spirit Guide?” No, your Guardian Angel is different than

Is Your Guardian Angel the Same as Your Spirit Guide?2018-11-04T21:29:49-08:00

What Are Joy Guides?


Have you heard the word “Joy Guide?” Many of us have not heard of Joy Guides before so I thought I would discuss this today! We all have different types of guides that work with

What Are Joy Guides?2018-09-17T02:19:44-07:00

The 6 Different Guides


We have many Guides that work with us in our lives. Each different group of Guides work on different things in our lives. They try to communicate with us on a daily basis but many

The 6 Different Guides2018-09-17T02:37:35-07:00

How To You Connect With Your Guides


We all have Guides that assist us in our daily lives each day, however are you aware of them? Do you know which Guides are connecting with you at a particular moment? You can read

How To You Connect With Your Guides2018-09-17T02:44:39-07:00

Spirit Guides


Have you heard the word “Spirit Guide?” If so, who are they and how do they work with an individual? Spirit Guides are spiritual beings assigned to us on the other side before we are

Spirit Guides2018-09-17T03:36:49-07:00


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