Have you heard the word “Spirit Guide?” If so, who are they and how do they work with an individual? Spirit Guides are spiritual beings assigned to us on the other side before we are born. These guides assist and “guide” an individual to help fulfill our life’s purpose on earth. Before you came here, you chose your guide/guides (you may have a few of them) and made a spiritual contract with them so they would be responsible for you on earth. Some guides are with you’re your entire life while others can pop in and out of your life when they need to assist you with your life’s work. There are different types of guides that individuals work with which includes: Family Members on the other side, Ascended Masters (such as Mother Mary), Other Spirits that may have lived here before and or Saints. My guide which I call “Teddy” is actually Saint Theodore. Many people refer to him as Theodore of Amasea. He is the patron saint of Venice, Italy. He is a Warrior Saint and a great Martyr in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

How Do Our Guides Help Us?

They can assist in many ways see the list below:

  1. Sending People into Your Life– they assist you by bringing in people to help with a certain situation. These people seem to come out of the blue when you are least expecting it.
  2. Sending Signals –sometimes you hear about a name/place 2-3 different times in a short period of time, which is a “sign.” They are getting your attention to “alert” you of what they want you to know.
  3. Gut Feelings– do you ever feel like something is just not right? This is another signal that they are telling you that something is off, like a red flag. They are trying to prevent you from this situation.
  4. Intuitively– guides can give you information intuitively or telepathically. My guide Teddy gives me this information this way. He will give me thoughts in my head (telepathic) to listen too. Sometimes I receive information that I would never know about something or someone. He also helps to alert me to “slow down” when driving, when this happens I usually end up seeing a police car just moments after this!
  5. Nudging/ Synchronicities- have there been times that something just seems to happen but it wouldn’t have happened if you were on time? An example would be a car accident; you were running late that day and would have been in that very car accident if you were on time? The guides can “nudge” or change a situation for this to happen which creates synchronicities. Remember guides can only do so much as you have “free will” with your life. However, if you start to pick up on these different clues you will be able to understand the information they are trying to assist you with.

Since you now know how to receive the “signs” from your guides, start trying it out and work with them on a daily basis. They are here to help you but you just need to ask! Meditation and dreams are also a great way to receive information from the too. You will be surprised on the information you will receive once you are clued into how they work with you!