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Christmas Cheer


It is Christmas!! What?? When did this happen? This year has been so trying that it seems Christmas just popped up overnight! Nevertheless, I am happy we are at the end of this year to

Christmas Cheer2020-12-18T10:10:27-08:00

The Joy of Christmas


I love Christmas as it brings so much joy and love to people. I have been getting in the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies too. However, the biggest joy I

The Joy of Christmas2019-12-26T10:00:49-08:00

The Polar Express: A Christmas Tradition


Last week I went to experience the Polar Express with my friends Sandy and Eric. Since we had such a great time last year, which I blogged about in “Feeling like Christmas on the Polar

The Polar Express: A Christmas Tradition2019-12-12T10:34:16-08:00

Feeling Like Christmas on the Polar Express


Well, its Christmas time again! Can you believe it that is just a few days away? I cannot believe that this year has gone so fast! I haven’t even had a moment to decorate the

Feeling Like Christmas on the Polar Express2018-12-19T15:55:55-08:00

Christmas Love


Christmas is just days away and I wanted to blog about sending out Love to others during this time. We get so busy shopping, baking, decorating and just being absorbed with this holiday season. When

Christmas Love2018-11-04T21:57:01-08:00

Remembering Christmas


With Christmas just a few days away, I am reflecting on what is most important during this joyous season. Family, friends and love are the most important and some might add the birth of Jesus

Remembering Christmas2018-09-06T19:09:11-07:00

A Wonderful Christmas Moment


Since it is Christmas today, I wanted to write about a wonderful Christmas Moment that has touched my heart. For a few years now, my sister and I have gotten together and have made bags

A Wonderful Christmas Moment2018-09-17T02:16:05-07:00


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