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Just a note to say a huge THANK YOU to you and grandma!! I was offered an amazing job in personal development and I had to manifest it and work for it like you said! Thanks again Terri for sharing your amazing gift!
Angela -Tampa, FL
I can enthusiastically recommend Terri as a psychic reader. She picked up on my nature, the things I am good at, enjoy, and resonate with on a number of levels. She saw and felt my current situation and the direction I was heading in and how it would be getting there. The thing that shone out and made her reading stand out for me was the strength of her clairaudience. She also has all her other “clairs” working beautifully as well. I loved the clarity and purity of her images and messages. She reads with positivity and you feel she is strongly connecting with you. Thank you, Terri!
Tania -Los Angeles, CA
Terri is a wonderful reader and gives great feedback. The way she interprets the cards and her senses is amazing! I had 2 job interviews and didn’t tell her anything else. She nailed them both, down to the color of the company logo, and correctly predicted which one I would take and why. She has a very caring nature about her and makes anyone feel comfortable around her. She’s been reading my cards for years and I highly recommend!
Julie J. -Tampa, FL
I just wanted to let you know I got the job. They were to make a decision early next week but informed me today. Thank You Terri!
Charisse S. -Phoenix, AZ
Terri- Just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for all the information you provided me today.  A lot of healing happened especially with my StepMom.  I really needed to hear what she had to say.  I feel like a weight was lifted from me and I no longer feel any resentment towards her.  I felt the love she had such a hard time giving.  So many questions I’ve had were resolved without even asking.
Thanks again with all my heart!
Jeannie -Phoenix, AZ

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Terri, thank you and thank you grandma for coming through with your words of wisdom. My reading was amazing! I’m a true believer that timing is not by accident. I had absolutely no idea that a month prior to booking my reading, my life was about to undergo a major change. Unbeknownst to me, the timing was perfect, my reading was in line so that my soul wouldn’t have to suffer any more. Terri gave me the strength and tools I so desperately needed during that time in my life. Terri shared with me some much needed release and healing techniques that are located on the website blog. This was much needed for me to do in order for me to start focusing my mind, heart and soul as to why I’m here on earth, after experiencing my life lessons in order to release and let go, so I can be my best spiritual self in order to help others.  After my reading, I started working on myself! Yes, I took heed and put in the work to heal my broken heart and everything else that needed to be addressed. Everyday, from that point I continue to get stronger and wiser on a higher level. Terri, also told me that I’m from the Star Planet, deep inside I knew I was different! I’ve been digging deeper daily into that realm as well. I can’t thank you enough for guiding me back on track to focus on my soul life purpose and my life mission as a spiritual being. Thank you for all that you do!


Terri truly has the gift of connecting to loved ones in the after life and assisting with guidance and answers to situations, in your life. Terri’s positive, upbeat, sincere and caring nature has helped me with understanding past and current situations or making decisions for my future. I have 2 stories I want share…The first was connecting me with my dad, as she shared his advice for my career change. I told Terri I was making a career change and asked if she had any advice for me. She told me that I will have 2 choices in jobs and that my dad is saying to think about the people. He kept telling her, think about the people. It turns out I was offered 2 positions…one was in my wheelhouse and the other was a complete change in career. The one that would have been more comfortable, the people I would have worked with were negative and crabby. The other job…I had an instant connection with the people. I jumped into the job, out of my comfort zone…because of the people. That was totally the right decision! (Thanks, Dad!) Another question I had was how the delivery of my granddaughter was going to be? She told me all would be ok, but to watch for my daughter’s breathing. It turned out that my daughter, suddenly stopped breathing and at least 10 staff members ran in to assist her. I was praying to God, my dad and begging Archangels Raphael and Michael to be with her, to protect and heal her. It turns out that she was fine and my darling granddaughter is perfect!!! There were several other on target things Terri shared with me. I feel so connected to her and my dad. She truly has a gift and I’m so thankful that I can call on her to get answers and clarity


Terri is amazing. I was referred by a friend, and I had the most amazing experience ever. I had previously seen psychics 2 times in my life, but none of those other psychics helped me with direction.  In addition to the amazingly accurate reading, Terri gave me steps to heal myself. Other psychics will charge and drain you thousands to “remove a curse” or something crazy, but Terri empowers YOU with the tools to change your life for the better.  I followed the steps and put the work in to improve my current situation. Terri predicted a move in March 2019, but because I put in the work, that date moved up to December 2018, and the move changed my life. The healing that wasn’t happening before started to happen for me and I have never been in a space where I was happy on my own and I owe a lot of that to the guidance from Terri. In addition to being spot on, you also get the feel that you have just met with a life coach that gives you steps to take control of your life and drive it in the direction you desire. Also, I did opt to take a class from her after our session, and that also has been spot on and helped me to grow into my spiritual abilities


Terri is amazing and told me things no one would ever know! My parents and grandparents came thru and gave me complete closure! I cried thru out the hour reading….tears of happiness! Example: I felt guilty that I was not there for my grandpa when he broke his wrist painting my living room. I was 19, getting married and wanted to sleep in so he went by himself. Came 3 hrs later and he was finished painting. Fell off the ladder and broke his wrist in 2 places. Took him to the hospital.  Terri said he’s not from here and wants to make sure it’s him you want to talk to. He’s from Poland! Immediately he said forget about it, it’s NOT your fault! And then said you kissed me goodbye when I died! I DID and left my lipstick on his cheek! How could anyone know this???  My mom validated the list of things on Terri’s paper, she clearly described the bird my dad has with him plus he said I got the bird and the dog! My mom confirmed that my grandparents (Dad’s side) are all together and ok! My mom and dads mom really didn’t get along. Plus, there is SO much more! I have sent friends and family to Terri and everyone is amazed how wonderful she is! When my daughters dad died this past January I took her to see Terri. It gave her closure and Terri said he has a message for you. He thanked me me for getting her to AZ and Terri for a reading! I highly recommend Terri and on a scale from 1 – 10…I would give her a 20!!!


UPDATE: I just recently spoke to Terri and again, would love to reiterate how AMAZING she is. She never fails to ease my mind and provide guidance through tough decisions. Please always continue to do amazing work, Terri! I appreciate you!

I had the pleasure of meeting Terri when I was pregnant back in 2015. Since then, she has been nothing but AMAZING to me. Whenever I am in need of guidance; whether it be last minute, I can always count on her to schedule me in. There are times I may need her guidance and she will talk with me via text and help me manage the situation I may be in whether she’s busy or not. Meeting Terri, you just know she is a kind hearted woman who just wants to help people.
The first time I met her, before leaving her office, she stopped me and asked me to stay a little longer as my brother and papa wanted to come through and speak to me. Again, this was the first time I met her and I NEVER mentioned either of them to her. She told me things that no one could have known; things I never told anyone. Since then, I can always count on the wonderful things she has to share with me. I probably speak to Terri several times a year and I definitely recommend her to EVERYONE. And, will continue to always do so. Thanks for all you do!!


I wanted to let you know that you truly helped change my life. I saw you for a reading when I was going through an intense time in my life and you recommended I read Journey of Souls which started this urge to learn more and more. Thank you so much for all you have contributed to me in my life. I greatly appreciate you.


I first met Terri after a spiritual crisis, when I was looking for a mentor and teacher. I found her online after searching for “spiritual healer near me”. I’ve been taking her intuitive studies classes for a year, and It has helped me immensely. I received my first psychic mediumship reading from her a few weeks after starting her class. The things she mentioned in that reading could not have been known by anybody outside of myself unless they came through psychic awareness and Divine influence. I could feel the Truth throughout the reading. Terri is the real deal, and I’ve seen, firsthand, her ability to help others, teach much-needed psychic skills to those on the path, and heal through her messages. I highly recommend Terri for those dealing with the confusion and difficulty of grief, or for those who need a teacher/guru/mentor to help them as they traverse their own spiritual path.


My session with Terri was the most special experience. I won’t go into detail because it is super personal, but I was 100% atheist for over 10 years and recently had some experiences which have made me start to believe in metaphysics. Terri’s reading has made me do a full 180 on my spiritual beliefs and now I am no longer questioning what is real to me. Thanks Terri for basically helping me change my life!


Terri, thank you for sharing your abilities with the world. It is not often you find people that just want to give back and help others now days. I am skeptical as it seems so many today are just out to make a buck and not deliver a quality product. This is in all areas of life and business. This is not the case with Terri, she is the real deal and delivered far more than I expected. I was referred to her by a good friend who totally believes in her abilities as I do now. She shares her abilities with the world because she truly wants to help others, that is it. She is humble when she does not have to be and this makes her amazing in my eyes. I am not skeptical anymore about Terri I am thankful she is here and is able to help so many when we are at a cross roads or maybe just need a little clarity. She is sweet, loving, kind, honest and one of the coolest people you will ever get to know. She truly is only here to help others. Thank you Terri for sharing yourself and abilities with the world, I love you for that.


After reading Terri’s reviews, I decided to schedule an appointment with her. I was skeptical about the reviews stating questions were written on a piece of paper and Terri knew what the questions were without seeing them. Well I wrote a list of 4 questions for her the day before my reading, and then changed my list the day of the reading to 8 questions. When my reading started (by phone) Terri asked if I was ready, and then she began to go down my list of questions without me saying a word. All I could do was break down into tears because I new she was the real deal. My reading was awesome, and not only did she answer my questions, she gave me clarity on the things I already knew I needed to do.

R. L. 

Review 2 -Terri is still amazing.  She compassionate, wise and truthful.  You will not be disappointed.  I never leave speaking with Terri wondering if I’ve just been lied too.  I always leave feeling at peace and ready to take on the world.

Review 1 -Terri is absolutely amazing. This was the best reading I have ever had and one of the few times I wished I’d purchased an hour. She’s very professional. She’s open, sweet, just amazing!!!


Terri is very gifted. We did an SRT clearing and an angel reading. She was spot on with all of her information. She was able to bring through my grandmother and grandfather and really encompassed their personalities. I feel like she has given me lots of guidance and the beginnings of some well needed closure. I would highly recommend her and will be coming back in the future. Thank you Terri for what you do!


AMAZING!!! CHILLS, TEARS AND LOTS OF SMILES AND LAUGHS!!!! Looking forward to my next reading!! Terri had brought through several family members for me and provided information that only they would know. She was able to bring in my grandmother who passed when my father was very young. The symbols and messages that she gave me were unclear, due to me not knowing my grandmother and being told very little of her, until I confirmed these with my father. Terri told me about the dog she had with her and when I mentioned it to my father he confirmed exactly what Terri told me. When I went for my third reading I took my mother with me. Terri gave her such beautiful messages and was able to bring in my grandfather, grandmother and other members, it was like a family reunion. LOL My mother had such a sense of relief and comfort when we left. I could not say enough about the beautiful way Terri presents her messages. She only asked for my first name and when I arrived she had everything written down and even suggested articles for me to read to help me with the roadblocks in my life. Every prediction that she has given me has come to pass. I have been to several dozen physics and or mediums since I was 18 and I can honestly say that Terri’s gift is amazing. Not once have I ever questioned the information that she provided I will forever be great full for the messages she was able to give me and for the beautiful smile and spirit that she has.


There have been MANY mediums I l have encountered, but she is the REAL deal. She mentioned a personal item my nanny always wore (a special ring) and as soon as she mentioned hummingbirds, I knew she was speaking with my grandma. She has a beautiful, soothing vibe and I felt completely confident after my reading that she guided me in the RIGHT direction. I could have talked to her for HOURS!


I absolutely ADORE Terri to pieces. She is such a kind soul wanting to help others!  I stumbled upon Terri last year when I was having issues with my young son seeing spirits in our home.  I was blown away by my reading, she brought me to (happy) tears just minutes into our phone reading.  She told me things absolutely no one could ever know and was so genuine.  I’ve spoken to Terri quite a few times now regarding confusing times in my life and she has helped me through them all!  Recently I had a health scare which doctors couldn’t figure out a cause after many tests and of course thought the worst case scenario (cancer) but she pin pointed the EXACT reason which no one had even touched on.  So thankful for her!


I had a reading with Terri a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been going through some insanely stressful life changes for a couple of months now. I was feeling really lost and not sure what direction to take. So, I looked around on yelp for someone like Terri who had great reviews and took the chance. She only knew my name and I had not briefed her on my situation. When I entered, she had a piece of paper with messages already jotted down for me. These messages were not only exactly what I needed to hear, but so specific – not like any general words of advice that anyone could give me. It blew me away and brought me to tears. She is the real deal, I would recommend her to my friends and family.


I emailed Terri for a reading and she was amazing! She responded quickly to my initial email and my completed reading. Not only was she very comforting, but she also gave me peace of mind. Terri, thank you for sharing your gift and time with me. I really appreciate you and your honesty! 🙂 I will definitely recommend Terri to everyone I know!!!


Amazing!  Terri blew my mind on the things she knew. I also learned a lot about myself. And my son had a reading as well. Terri was spot on. There were things she knew that no one else did. Try it. You won’t regret it.


I am truly embarrassed for writing this review so late, after having the best psychic experience I’ve ever had before in my life! Terri gave me absolute chills by the information she knew, so personal and specific to me. My father is a non-believer, and asked for validation before I attended the reading. My father asked for his mother to come through during the session. I walked into Terri’s office, and she already had a list of talking points for me. Guess what the first piece of information written down was… my dad’s mother came through! Gets even better! My dad asked for Terri to mention how his mom was a baker and a very good cook. These two points were also written down on the paper! My grandmother also wanted my dad to be born on Valentine’s Day, and Terri knew this information! My father was speechless! Terri also picked up on my Aunt who passed away from cancer, and when my Aunt came through, her same vibrancy, energy, and spirit were present in the room! My cousin also attended the reading, and experienced her own reading, and was blown away! My cousin and I literally sat across from each other in the room, with eyes wide open! What I found absolutely fascinating was when Terri asked me to draw 3 cards relating to my life purpose. I drew a music card, a writing card, & a card about bringing love and light to people. I am a songwriter! Truly amazing! Terri reads from her heart. So genuine in her approach, and will communicate the messages you are needing most in your life at the time. Terri, you are incredibly gifted! Thank you for bringing love and light to others. Yelpers, Terri is the real deal! Go experience this wonderful lady full of compassion & insight. Thank you!