We are a team of intuitive women and friends who know each other through Terri Tucker. Terri and Kim met at a seminar in 2014 and hit it off right away. Soon after, they realized they were supposed to start a business together utilizing their unique talents and interests. They wanted to share their spiritual knowledge of energy, healing arts, manifestation, divination, intuition, and women’s wisdom with other like-minded individuals.

We feel it is incredibly important at this time to be of service to our community and The Divine, assisting others with their personal spiritual growth and intuitive development. We are seekers and wish to help others expand their awareness and interests in metaphysical knowledge. When Kim and Terri chose the name “Chicks With Spiritual Gifts”,  it was with the intention to bring forth the intuitive gifts and spiritual knowing of every client, to make the world a happier, healthier and kinder place. You too have a gift! Join us as we feel many are being called to reconnect again to The Divine and to become a bigger, brighter light in this world.


I have always had an interest and a passion for all things intuitive and metaphysical.  It wasn’t until I decided to face my own ongoing health issues with anxiety and panic attacks that I discovered the root cause for my often feeling overwhelmed with random physical symptoms and emotions that did not feel like my own.  I now realize the healing I did around my anxiety and panic attacks was the universe benevolently allowing me to discover my own innate intuitive gifts and empathic nature.  I now use my blended knowledge of intuitive arts and energy medicine to create a unique healing practice as an intuition based acupuncturist in Phoenix, AZ.  My specialty in acupuncture includes anxiety, addictions recovery, weight loss, pain, stress and the alleviation of PTSD symptoms due to trauma. Outside of my traditional acupuncture training I am also a Reiki practitioner, Zen Tarot and Tao I-Ching Oracle Card reader, Hypnotherapist and a Certified Mind Body and Spirit Practitioner via Sunlight Alliance via Sunny Dawn Johnston. I am committed to and will always be a lifelong learner of the Intuitive and Healing  Arts, Energy Medicine, Animal Totems and Esoteric Daoist teachings.  My life’s greatest vision and goal is to assist others to remember and ignite that quiet still inner voice that exists inside of them, the one that our culture unfortunately has taught us to ignore.

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Elizabeth Seer

I am a Master Tarot Reader and teacher. I have written a couple of books on the subject, and I’ve hosted a popular podcast about the correlation of astrology and Tarot (“Personalities of the Tarot” coming again soon!).  I love using oracles and divination tools and I really enjoy teaching about them  including cards and charm casting. I am also a psychic medium and can bring through evidence from The Other Side that our loved ones are still with us.

A 1-hour psychic session with me may include some or all of the following:

  • Mediumship (bringing through your loved ones from the other side)
  • Body scan (looking for areas in need of attention – not to replace licensed medical professionals)
  • Chakra checkups and clearing
  • Intuitive information
  • Life path
  • Past life information
  • Spirit Guide connection
  • Tarot or oracle card readings (for help with life’s questions)
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Since I was a child I started using my gift of channeling energy and have a great sense of knowing. I am able to delve deep into the feelings and emotions of people and provide healing with insight, energy clearing and reiki to each individual person. I utilize my claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentient gifts as I receive information from my spirit guides, angels and the universal energies. The information I receive can include a multitude of things but is not limited to past lives, psychic messages, mediumship, spirit guides, past love ones, spirit animals and messages from your higher self. The tools I use include oracle decks, crystals, tarot decks and pendulum. I allow the energy of spirit to work thru me to give insight to those in search of answers.

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Rev. Sheila Leedy

I am an ordained Spiritualist minister, medium, speaker, and teacher. I discovered Spiritualism at the age of 19 whilst in Scotland. Upon my return from the U.K, I started sitting for spiritual development and medium-ship. That was 40 years ago and I’ve never looked back! I have trained diligently here in the United States throughout the years. I have sat in development with many talented mediums in Scotland and at the world re-known Arthur Findlay College in England. I continually strive to further my understanding of medium-ship and the world of Spirit. I enjoy working with Spirit to bring about healing and closure to those folks that come for a reading with me. I enjoy teaching people about spiritual development and how to connect with Spirit. In fact, teaching is how I met Terri Tucker. I had the honor of being one of Terri’s first spiritual development teachers.

My mediumistic abilities include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. During a reading, I work closely with my spirit guides to bring about uplifting and evidential messages from the Etheric world. Psychic abilities often accompany mediumistic abilities therefore, readings with me often are a combination of the psychic and mediumship.

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Since I was a little girl around 5years old I can vividly remember my Spiritual experiences with my sister Terri. We were only one year apart and I always had her to reconfirm what we were both seeing/ hearing in our house was real. My sister would always hold my hand during these frightening experiences. She would comfort me my telling me it was ok as it was just a spirit visiting, but they would not harm us! At our young age we both knew there was so much more to the world than we could ever imagine. I then started having dreams in my young adult life that would continuously come true some in which are major world events. Most of my dreams now continue to be of my family of in which most of them are now in heaven. They continuously visit me even 20years later while revealing to me what is happening on the other side, now including my Sis!

More Confirmation of the Spirit world.

My sister “Teddi” was my best buddy. She helped me realize my Spiritual Gifts, although I am scared of them while she is not here on earth anymore holding my hand. My sis was a genuine Medium and thru her encounters with myself and her clients she had countless confirmations she could connect to the other side. It is for this reason I can try and move on from her loss as I know there is another dimension in which I will see her again. Until then I will continue to carry out my sisters wishes to keep her business running and Alive- Chicks with Spiritual Gifts. She lived her life up until the very end to help others thru her readings making others realize thru confirmation in her messages that there truly is a Spiritual World and they too will see their loved ones again! In the near future, I plan to offer Mini Angel readings to help those in need find comfort in their world.

Love Infinity to my Sister & Best Friend Teddi, Until we meet again, Nikki

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Terri Tucker

As a child, I had several curious experiences with Spirit.  The experiences were slightly overwhelming and frightening, so I unfortunately learned to shut down my connection to the Divine. It wasn’t until I met a certain talented healer, later on in life, that I was able to remember and re-experience Spirit again, without being confused and scared.  After this healing experience, I gained a hunger for and renewed interest in growing and developing my intuition and my gifts of clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. I was educated and certified from the Psychic Senses and The Voice of Spirit in Evidential Mediumship. I hold certificates from UK Academy of Mediumship, Love & Light Ltd. and the Centre of Excellence in Life Coaching, Mediumship, Psychic, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Numerology. I also have certificates from the Morris Pratt Institute for Mediumship, Healing, and Ministry. In addition, I am a Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister. Since then, my guides continually push me to share this knowledge and teach others how to walk their own unique spiritual path and journey. This is ultimately why I started CSG with Kim. I will always be a lifelong learner of the metaphysical arts who will continue to study Mediumship and my intuitive talents so that I can achieve my goal of one day using my six sense to assist law-enforcement officials in solving missing persons cases and crimes. Read Terri’s testimonials.

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