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About Lindsay

Since I was a child I started using my gift of channeling energy and have a great sense of knowing. I am able to delve deep into the feelings and emotions of people and provide healing with insight, energy clearing and reiki to each individual person. I utilize my claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentient gifts as I receive information from my spirit guides, angels and the universal energies. The information I receive can include a multitude of things but is not limited to past lives, psychic messages, mediumship, spirit guides, past love ones, spirit animals and messages from your higher self. The tools I use include oracle decks, crystals, tarot decks and pendulum. I allow the energy of spirit to work thru me to give insight to those in search of answers.

Using Cards: Oracle, Angel and Tarot


I wanted to write today to tell you the benefits and aspects of using your own deck of cards. It’s very simple! Anyone can do it. Most card decks come with descriptions of what each

Using Cards: Oracle, Angel and Tarot2023-11-20T01:52:46-08:00

Utilizing Saint Joseph


There are A LOT of universal energies moving around right now. To touch on this, I am feeling obliged to write about Saint Joseph. He has an amazing power to help us during our physical

Utilizing Saint Joseph2023-08-05T18:15:35-07:00

Calling on Archangel Michael


These days we can all do with a little extra love, support, and protection. Archangel Michael is the “Go To” for this help! Our beloved Terri would mention him a lot of times in class

Calling on Archangel Michael2023-11-18T09:52:36-08:00

Love & Trust Your Being


Hi Beautiful Souls, I just felt obliged to write something short and sweet to remind you of how WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I wanted to tell you personally that I feel you are coming into your

Love & Trust Your Being2023-05-27T20:26:36-07:00

Guardian Angels


I’m writing this with the help of my own guardian angel, Lilly. We have many angels helping us but specifically we are all born with a guardian angel. They are assigned to us to help

Guardian Angels2023-04-05T14:02:28-07:00

Clearing Energy


In this post I want to touch on how important it is to clear our energies and surroundings. As we live each day of our lives many things happen. Some days are great some are

Clearing Energy2023-03-17T15:42:25-07:00

Color Healing


Healing energies can come from many things. Including colors! Each color represents an energetic frequency. The easiest way to use this is by looking at a color wheel. It represents its primary state and its

Color Healing2023-03-17T15:35:01-07:00


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