Guardian Angels


I’m writing this with the help of my own guardian angel, Lilly. We have many angels helping us but specifically we are all born with a guardian angel. They are assigned to us to help

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Protection Spray


I wanted to blog making a protection spray to use in your home to rid your house of negativity or funky energy. I have blogged about how to sage your house which is a great

Protection Spray2020-05-08T15:05:26-07:00

Archangel Michael


I have blogged about Archangels but I wanted to blog about each one separately to give more information on a few of them and their Energy Ray colors they associate with.  There are 7 Energy

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Lemons to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Home


My friend told me of a great way to get rid of negativity in your house and it is using a lemon of all things! If you  have been feeling that there is some funk,

Lemons to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Home2020-10-22T11:21:37-07:00

Shield of Protection


Each day when I wake up I surround myself with what I call the “shield of protection.” What this means is I ask that the Universe to protect me through the day with their shield.

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Ouija Board Part Two: Five Rules for Using the Board


As I described yesterday, I learned as a child to respect the Ouija Board and not use it as a toy. Here are five rules I suggest following in order to protect oneself: Your Intention

Ouija Board Part Two: Five Rules for Using the Board2018-09-17T03:53:03-07:00

Ouija Board Part One: An Overview


What is a Ouija Board The Ouija Board is defined as a "spirit" or "talking board" that a person uses to contact spirits from the other side. There are two pieces to the Ouija Board,

Ouija Board Part One: An Overview2018-09-17T03:56:44-07:00


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