Each day when I wake up I surround myself with what I call the “shield of protection.” What this means is I ask that the Universe to protect me through the day with their shield. I do this daily and I believe it is as important as brushing your teeth!  To demonstrate this technique here is what I say on a daily basis. Spiritual Counsel (this includes guides, angels, archangels, loved ones, God/Universe) surround me, my family and friends with the golden white light, bringing us positive ideas, things and people so that I can pass that information on to others. I also evoke power code 9 x 9 for shielding us too! Thank You! What this does it is shields everyone in their own bubble so to speak, so that nothing yucky can be attached onto anyone throughout the day. The reason I ask for the golden white light is that comes from the Divine or highest of the high if you will. If you just asked for white light then anything can attract to you! Think of any kind of bugs attracting to white lights in your home! YUCK! I do this every morning so that it starts my day off and I don’t have to worry about shielding up at any other point in the day. Or in some cases you might forget to shield up at all! This shield of protection definitely works and keeps your vibration at a high level too! So the next time you brush your teeth in the morning, shield up as well! You might be surprised at the results you do see and feel!