Who are “Angels” and where do they come from? Angels are spiritual beings that come to assist individuals with situations. Many people believe they are “pure spirits” that come to bring us messages from the other side. Every individual has a “Guardian Angel” which means that an angel from the other side has been assigned to you your entire life. Some people usually have more than one guardian angel to assist them.

How do we communicate with our angels?
Angels are ready to work at any given moment. They are just waiting at your door knocking, but angels are not allowed to assist you unless you open the door and ASK! Because each of us has “free will,” we have to invite them to help us! Angels want to help make your life easier. You can ask for anything big or small–it doesn’t matter as they are here to assist. The best way to communicate is to talk to them. Start by asking them to assist you with anything. When I first started to communicate with my angels I asked them to always help me find parking spots closest to the door of anywhere I was going. Well, wouldn’t you know there was a parking spot right at the front! After many years of asking for this small request I almost always get a spot at the very front of anywhere I go.

Another way you can communicate with your angels is by asking for them to give you a message using numbers. We are inundated with numbers in our society. Angels can use license plates, clocks, receipts, house numbers and telephone numbers etc. Look at the number you received, then go and look to see what the message is. You can do this by using the internet and searching for “angel numbers” followed by the number you received. Also, Doreen Virtue has a wonderful book called Angels Numbers 101 or you can download the Angel Numbers app. To demonstrate, I just asked the angels to give me a message. I looked to my clock and it was 2:19. I went to see what the angel message was for 219 in Doreen’s book and it told me:

“Your thoughts are focused on career and your purpose right now. Optimism brings the rewards you seek, so stay positive.”

Since you now know how to communicate with your angels, start practicing today to work with them. Ask them to bring you messages on a daily basis and you will be amazed at the messages they will give you. Remember if you don’t ask, they can’t assist!