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Utilizing Saint Joseph


There are A LOT of universal energies moving around right now. To touch on this, I am feeling obliged to write about Saint Joseph. He has an amazing power to help us during our physical

Utilizing Saint Joseph2023-08-05T18:15:35-07:00

Guardian Angels


I’m writing this with the help of my own guardian angel, Lilly. We have many angels helping us but specifically we are all born with a guardian angel. They are assigned to us to help

Guardian Angels2023-04-05T14:02:28-07:00

Good Witch, Bad Witch


With Halloween just days away, and I have blogged about ghosts, I wanted to blog about witches! Many children dress up as them each year, I did many times as a child. I love the

Good Witch, Bad Witch2018-11-04T22:07:19-08:00

Support of Friends


We all have those life moments when you feel like so much is on your shoulders and you just can’t breathe! I knew things were happening as the Angels were giving the number 555 and

Support of Friends2018-09-06T18:18:36-07:00

The 6 Different Guides


We have many Guides that work with us in our lives. Each different group of Guides work on different things in our lives. They try to communicate with us on a daily basis but many

The 6 Different Guides2018-09-17T02:37:35-07:00

Pennies From Heaven


Today, I was riding my bike and I came across 7 pennies on the road, and then I found a feather too. Has this ever happened to you? Who is giving us these coins and/or

Pennies From Heaven2018-09-17T02:57:13-07:00

Butterflies from Grandpa


The other day I was looking out my hotel window, which was on the 15th floor, and I saw a butterfly pass by! I thought, was that really butterfly I just saw? As I watched

Butterflies from Grandpa2018-09-17T03:50:15-07:00

A Personal Story About Automatic Writing


I discovered the art of automatic writing by taking a local class. I had heard about this many times but I wanted to find out more. Automatic writing is a psychic ability that allows a

A Personal Story About Automatic Writing2018-09-17T03:54:55-07:00

Ouija Board Part One: An Overview


What is a Ouija Board The Ouija Board is defined as a "spirit" or "talking board" that a person uses to contact spirits from the other side. There are two pieces to the Ouija Board,

Ouija Board Part One: An Overview2018-09-17T03:56:44-07:00

Signs from the Other Side


Many of us receive signs from our loved ones on the other side, we just don’t always pay attention. Sometimes we pass it off as “that just didn’t happen!” Multiple times I have heard people

Signs from the Other Side2018-09-17T04:02:56-07:00


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