Today, I was riding my bike and I came across 7 pennies on the road, and then I found a feather too. Has this ever happened to you? Who is giving us these coins and/or feathers and what is the purpose for them? We are constantly receiving messages from the “Other Side” but you need to pay attention in order to “receive” them. Angels and loved ones on the other side give us these small signs as “presents.” These gifts are to say “hi” or to let you know that you are “doing a great job and continue on your path.” You can start deciphering who is sending these “gifts” by the process of elimination.

To demonstrate, I was able to decipher that my Aunt Penny was giving me dimes. I was able to figure this out because I was just thinking of her and moments later I found a dime. I asked her on a different day to send me a “gift” and well wouldn’t you know I found another dime. She has been sending me dimes for years and once and a while she will change it up and send me a quarter!

I also figured out when I receive just 1 penny it’s from her too! Remember her name is PENNY! I discovered that she sends me 1 penny when she wants me to know that she is with me that day. In order to decipher this, I asked her to come along and do some errands with me and if she was with me to send me a penny. Well you know what happened next! As for feathers and multiple pennies, I noticed those have come from my angels! I usually receive several pennies telling me that I am on the right path! It’s like they are giving me a sort of “paycheck” for a job well done! I receive feathers when I am worried about a situation. The angels send me feathers to tell me that they have heard my requests. They also are wanting me to let go of the worrying and that they are handling it. Remember, when you ask the angels for help they are working on your requests! Hopefully you have been inspired to start looking for your “signs” that you are receiving! With a little patience and persistence you will be able to decipher the ones that you will get!!