Suicide Solution
My sister Michelle killed herself on July 31st, 2023. In these months since, I’ve spoken to people, counselors, other survivors, friends, etc. I’ve read a book, and some articles. Partly to help myself and my mother through the sea of grief, and partly to understand why and how Sissy got there – the ultimate decision. I’ve spoken with guides, and other mediums briefly regarding the whereabouts of Sissy and how she is doing in her new life. I know she is being looked after by spirit. As I write this, my question to spirit is – how is the act of suicide regarded by spirit? We all know how suicide is looked upon in our world – on the earth plane. What does spirit say about it all?
We would say to you dear one – No judgement! Leave off judging the soul that chooses the suicide solution. Leave off judgement of yourself, your family, and or friends that are left behind in the wake of a suicide. It all comes down to freedom of choice. Free will. To make a decision and experience the consequences of that decision. Let go of the preconceived notion that to kill oneself is wrong. Understand in your own life – to make the decision to end your physical life may feel “wrong”. That is your perception and right. However, when another individual chooses suicide, it is not wrong or a sin merely because you or anyone else disagrees with that choice. When it comes to yourself – dealing with the messy emotions and thoughts following the departure of your loved one – again we say – No judgement. These feelings of would have, should have, could have, of guilt, and remorse for having somehow failed your loved one are in a word – unproductive. Admirable at times yes, but largely, un-useful. It is only human to feel that we have that much control over another’s state of mind, or choices and decisions. Yes, to a degree – one has or may have influence over another. Just as we in spirit may influence our charges, those that we seek to help on the earth plane. Ultimately though, that influence is but a soft touch, or suggestion. It is up to each individual to choose to follow or act upon another person or spirit’s influence. Therefore, dear one – release the lingering guilt that you carry. Soften the harsh accusations that you make of yourself. Michelle made a choice as is her right. Now, you must make your choices and decisions as best you can according to what suits you.
On the topic and to the question of how does spirit world view a suicide? What takes place when a soul chooses to come home to the etheric world? Ther is rejoicing. There is celebration. A soul has come home. There is love. Please do not take these statements to be ghastly. No – it is a happy time for those in spirit to meet up once again with their loved one. This celebration of course dear one – may not be immediate. The celebration may be put on “hold” so to speak until the newly returned individual is ready to receive such attentions. In the case of those individuals that have returned to spirit through the act of suicide – there is a healing period. Time is given to the “new” spirit to acclimate. To get their bearings. There is a “cooling off” period if you will. Time is not a factor. Individuals are given all the time that they need and or require. Should judgement arise – we assure you that it comes from the newly returned soul only. That individual’s own guides, helpers, and loved one stand at the ready to assist in whatever manner most benefits their charge. Do not despair dear one. You will hear from your sister directly one day. Give yourself and her the space to make it so.

It is my hope that having shared this inspirational writing that it has brought some new understanding to anyone that has taken the time to read this.
With Love and Light,
Rev. Sheila