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Calling on Archangel Michael


These days we can all do with a little extra love, support, and protection. Archangel Michael is the “Go To” for this help! Our beloved Terri would mention him a lot of times in class

Calling on Archangel Michael2023-11-18T09:52:36-08:00

Color Healing


Healing energies can come from many things. Including colors! Each color represents an energetic frequency. The easiest way to use this is by looking at a color wheel. It represents its primary state and its

Color Healing2023-03-17T15:35:01-07:00

Gluten Free Diet


I blogged about seeing Dr. Mark Baxter as he helped me figure out the “deficiencies in your body" and I wanted to expand on the gluten free diet component. Dr. Baxter talked to me about

Gluten Free Diet2018-09-06T18:30:22-07:00

Deficiencies in Your Body


Recently, I saw a wonderful doctor named Dr. Mark Baxter who was referred to me from a client name Nikole. She  told me how she was not feeling up to par, felt tired, was getting

Deficiencies in Your Body2018-09-06T18:36:36-07:00


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